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According to the requirements of each customer you are tailor-made for your elevator application solutions

About us

People oriented, quality first, reputation first, customer first principle

Founded in January, 1997, Beijing Aerospace Elevator Co., Ltd. shared by China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology is leading in elevator manufacturing. We are the legal elevator manufacturer accredited by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and have passed Quality Management System Certification for ISO9001:2000 & ISO14001:2004, and Occupational Health and Safety Management System. We are the special full elevator manufacturing company and supply with integrated service, such as elevator designing, manufacturing, installing, maintaining and serving. Located in Yongle Developing Zone, Tongzhou District, Beijing, our factory covers an area of 66,700 ㎡ , the construction area of plant site and office for 12,000㎡. More than 480 employees work in…

 01  Independent design, to ensure that each customer has  
Satisfactory elevator application engineering

  • The company has a professional elevator design team, for each customer to provide different design;
  • According to the needs of different customers, according to the needs of the design and construction, to bring you private custom elevator application engineering.


 02  We have many years of industry experience and professional construction team  

  • The company's construction team, with modern elevator related machinery and equipment, from the approach to the completion of the substantive protection;
  • High quality service, so that each elevator application engineering can reflect our intentions.


 03  The company has 2000 acres of production base
Beijing, Qinghai, Handan and other places have offices.

  • Our production base has a large automated production equipment, easy to solve the problem of shortage of production personnel,
  • Ensure that every customer receives your satisfaction on time.


 04  Perfect after-sales service, from construction to completion
Have someone to track maintenance.

  • The company's service teamfrom pre-sales to after-sale will be hand in hand, from the design to the maintenance of a person responsible for the professional people do professional things;
  • We provide a full range of one-stop service, after-sale maintenance we have been.


Boutique case

Each elevator application engineering is our intention to design, to create the most exquisite Elevator Engineering





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